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Crystals/Stone. Conover NC


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           Black Obsidian, Colored Agate Slices, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Blue Goldstone whatever stone is your favorite and maybe you have more then one. Learning how to wire wrap your stone depends on the size of the stone and what your taste or style you are going for. I am no expert that is for sure, I am just a guy that loves to work with his hands.  I love crystals so wire wrapping and making necklaces with my stones that I have wired wrap was just the smart idea and I have given away just as many as I have sold.  When I wrap my stones I go with the shape and the best way to make the stone secured and locked into place.  That's the first thing that I focus on and then comes the 2nd thing I worry about is how it looks and I always ask myself does the stone pop in the wire or is the wire covering up the stone and is keeping the stones natural beauty hidden.  If it is I will unwrap the stone and re-wrap it so the stone is front and center in the wrapping.  The type of wire is important  but not as important as making sure you don't hide or cover up the natural soul of the stone so this was just a quick post about how I wrap crystals and stones.  So if nothing else I hope this inspires you to just be creative and no matter how it turns out just know that it's a one of kind made by you and no one else has anything like you created.

          I have my wire wrapped necklaces for sale if anyone is interested you can contact me and see the one of the kind wrappings.  I also do custom pieces so contact me for your one of a kind wire wrapped stone necklace. (Price depends on the crystal and if I don't have anything you want just tell me the stone your looking for and I can always get it).

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David Isenhour


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