Bitcoin, Bitlocity In Hickory, North Carolina



Bitcoin, Bitlocity In Hickory, North Carolina


MAY 5th 2021



Bitlocity is a new platform that deals in nothing but Bitcoin and strives to be a great platform for crowd funding and and educational platform.

Now I have been with them since before they launched back in February 27th.  Which was very exciting because the amount of people that tried to pay there membership and then buy there packages slowed everything down .  It  completely slowed the site down which made doing everything very time consuming  to say  the least.  Which they have improved everything since then and it is working great and is about 100 times faster now so you missed out on all the fun.  Well that first day I paid my membership for the year which is only $25 and bought my 1st package which is the $25 Infinity line and with in 4-5 hours I got paid and later on that first week I got paid again.  So it is definitely  a great opportunity  to get into.  Check the Video down below for more information and I am leaving my link also for Bitlocity.  Which It's free to Sign Up and get there free app so you can find out more and learn more before you fully join.





BitLocity Team Build Strategy To Maximize Earnings from BitLocity on Vimeo.